Adventures in our home on wheels..

Welcome to our little space on the big wide web…

We are Sarah, Neil and Reggie Mac a little family of 3, who are passionate about tiny living and adventure.

We’ve spent the last 10 years as a couple travelling to diverse countries and experiencing different cultures during the English winter season as our jobs allow.

In recent years and after having done our time road tripping out of a backpack, we decided to buy a home on wheels… and our first van came along. We have spent chunks of time travelling France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia as well as exploring our own beautiful country, Great Britain.

Last year we had a GORGEOUS baby boy and our adventures became even more exciting! We don’t want to stop travelling and exploring just because we have a baby so we instead adapted our VW transporter and had some epic adventures in the UK and France! He is now one and has adapted to vanlife perfectly! But believe it or not, our mini Bear Grylls takes up ALOT of room!!

After our recent travels to France being a bit of a squeeze, we decided to look for a bigger van but still small enough to get off grid and wild camp getting down those hard to reach dirt tracks that gives us those 5 star view a hotel just cannot buy.

We have found the perfect home “to be” on wheels and have just started the conversion. We have big dreams and are going to do as much of the conversion as we can ourselves, to save cost but also using the experts where we need. It’s going to be a long winter build and we are complete novices at converting anything! Still.. we are already planning our first trip where we hope to head to Morocco.

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!

Sarah, Neil and Reggie Mac 🌱

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