The Van

And here she is, our latest addition to the family… a Volkswagen T5 LWB Hightop, a beautiful blank canvas to make our own.

We honestly spent an insane amount of time when it came to deciding what van to go for. Neil wanted a huge Sprinter van and I wanted something that I could also drive everyday and “just pop to the supermarket” in. (The van is also my daily vehicle).

But we both agreed we were in need of a slightly bigger van than our then current T5. We spent months researching and going to view vans, before we spotted a neighbour had a highroad transporter… it was the perfect combo, slightly longer, slightly taller and easy to park. 

We found one for sale not too far from us and brought her home 2 weeks later!

Our MUSTS when choosing a van:

    ✔️ Enough floor space to fit a kitchen, meaning we can make coffee without going outside in the morning (very important)!
    ✔️ Be able to stand up and have comfortable room to cook and relax in meaning we are not so reliant on the weather.
    ✔️ Reasonable size for me (Sarah) to use as my everyday vehicle, Ssmall enough to get down those tiny little roads that often lead to the best places and also easy to park.
    ✔️ An area to put in a second bed for Reggie to sleep, so we can still sit up playing cards drinking G and T.

So the conversion begins……

Thanks for reading and happy road trippin’


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