Some people call it wild swimming, some call it cold water therapy, others winter sea dipping, but my most favourite of them all is Swimrise! Im just going to put this into context for a minute. NEVER did I EVER think I would be writing a post titled Wild Swimming... Only 6 months ago you... Continue Reading →

A Two Week Road Trip in France…

WOW I definitely underestimated you France and I’m sorry... I think I took France for granted being just across the water and a ferry ride away from where we live, how wrong was I!! I am already planning our next trip back to this country of ever changing scenery. I mean we are practically neighbours...... Continue Reading →

Our Road Trip Bucket List

I might be learning something new about myself.. I’m slightly impatient! Building our own van has been a dream of ours for some time now and having to rely on others to get it off the ground has been somewhat er challenging, well for me anyway.. (I like to use the term ‘us’ however Neil... Continue Reading →

The Van

And here she is, our latest addition to the family... a Volkswagen T5 LWB Hightop, a beautiful blank canvas to make our own. We honestly spent an insane amount of time when it came to deciding what van to go for. Neil wanted a huge Sprinter van and I wanted something that I could also... Continue Reading →

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